Welcome to DraiWiki! Thank you for your interest in our software. Unfortunately, there isn't much to see yet, but that will change soon.

What is DraiWiki?

DraiWiki is an upcoming open source wiki software that is designed to be customizable, neat-looking, secure and easy to use.

Why use DraiWiki?

There are other free wiki softwares out there, so you might be wondering, what makes DraiWiki the best choice for your website? Well, there are several reasons.

First of all, the software is designed to be customizable. For example, a theme consists of three parts: images, CSS and templates. Basically, what you'll be able to do is this: you can use the image set from the default theme, while using the CSS of a 3rd party theme, while using the templates of yet another 3rd party theme. And the best thing is: it'll only take a few seconds to set up.

It also has built-in multi-language support, meaning you won't need an extension.